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The Analysis of Mechanical Structure of a Robotic Leg in Running for Impact Mitigation
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Jungsoo Cho, Kyoungchul Kong
Applied Science
Legged robots suffer from the impact due to the consistent collisions with the ground. At the moment of collision, the sudden impact force not only causes the legs to lose contact off the ground, but can also reduce controllability and durability. This phenomenon becomes worse for the robots in running. In order to mitigate such an impact effectively, this study focuses on the mechanical structure of the legs, unlike the previous studies, which focused on the component level. The mechanical structures include actuator configuration, segment ratio, total length, and flexion direction. Contact inertia (CI), closely related to the impact, is derived and utilized to analyze the mechanical structure in terms of impact mitigation. A series of impact experiments with a fabricated leg verify that the mechanical structure affects mitigating the impact.